Thursday, 16 June 2011

The nameless photographer….you have probably seen his work yet never known his name. The Master Photographer, Elliot Erwitt

Who: Elliot Erwitt

Who? The fantastic photographer who doesn’t just take photographers he captures real moments, be it humour, fear or injustice.

Unique Features: Unusual points of view.

Through the use of his lens Erwitt manages to portray a mood, tone that penetrates through.

Where would you see his work? Anywhere from fashion ads, birthday cards, adverts and fashion editorials. His images are everywhere you just have to look. He even did a Tesco ad way back, (it was a classy ad…not the usual every little bit helps!)

New York, 1946

Does anyone else feel this could easily be a "Sartorialist" shot?

There is nothing I can say about this image above.....

A fashion spread

A Tod's campaign

An ad for the supermarket chain Tesco, can you believe it?


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