Thursday, 9 June 2011

More from GFW: Focus on Jennie Dyer

Who: Jennie Dyer

From: Kingston University

Specialism’s: Fashion/Textile/Accessories- Womenswear

Jennie not only showcased her catwalk collection but also was shortlisted for the Mulberry (yes MULBERRY) Accessories award).

Her submission, a quilted elongated masterpiece. It is original yet strangely classic through the muted nude tone and the quilted texture, a nod to the classics, such as Chanel.

It’s Inspiration? The Victorian 'Misers purse'. That’s a coin purse with is traditionally hung from a belt to you & me. Forget the idea of a money belt worn by tourist! Think CHIC.

It could be the ALEXA or BAYSWATER of the FUTURE!

Jennie Dyer. Remember her name!

Some of Jennie Dyer's past work

Above, a Marni project that was inspired by tribal masks & graffiti.
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