Sunday, 17 March 2013

La Dolce Vita

This lady for me was a true stand out at LFW.
An effortless classic.

Money can’t buy you style but Dolce Gabanna earrings can help.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Runway Girly Gets Snapped at LFW!

Runway Girly got snapped by

I'm no Karlie Kloss but hey we can't all be 6 foot and fabulous...I'll settle for fashionable.

Click here for more street style.

(Photo taken by ©Lorenzo )

Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Girl Can Dream....

Turq Ring- YSL Arty Ring...gorg
Clean Tube ring- River Island

Jewellery Highlights from LFW A/W'13

 IN LOVE with this chunky chain necklace. 
Teamed with a ladylike fur equals glamour!
How fabulous is this elephant necklace? 
Unique and kooky and the only one I have ever seen!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

London Fashion Week A/W 2013

 While I was absent front row I was able to witness the fashionable outside.
And fashionable they most certainly were.....
 Nothing screams chic like a hat!
Varsity Jackets + red lip = attitude 

Sunday, 21 October 2012


 I’ve decided this weekend I would stop shopping and indulge in a little culture. So I trotted down to the Saatchi Gallery to check out Chanel’s exhibition “The Little Black Jacket”.

Karl’s photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. Somehow being shot in black and white added to their beauty and made even the odder constructions look classic. From a nunned up Freya to a Clémence Poésy in an Indian headdress.

 Guess who? You'll never guess.....its Carine Roitfeld
 A smile? And a Hermes bag in a Chanel shot? It could only be the fabulous Jane Birkin.
 Favorite pic? Anna Wintour!!! Who else could be shot from behind and still be instantly recognizable.

 Best of all? They give you a free Poster of a print to take home. Hopefully this isn’t the closest Runway Girly will get to owning a Chanel jacket….but it’s a step.

(Source: Photos taken by me of Karl Lagerfeld's originals at the Saatchi Gallery. The exhibition runs until October 28th)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Runway Girly's Vintage finds

Hi all. So sorry for my hiatus. Runway Girly has been in a period of transition. Its all change, location, occupation…….even wardrobe…which has meant less time to devote to blogging. Apologies all round.

But I assure you I am back and I will be sharing more fashion, style, clothes then ever before. I’ll be blog straight from the heart of chic-ness, LONDON!

Last weekend I discovered an AMAZING VINTAGE FASHION & ACCESSORIES FAIR in Hammersmith. Truly gorgeous gems on display. From 1950’s Dior necklaces to 70’s Lanvin its all there. Lets just say Rachel Zoe would have loved it.
 Anyone else sensing a real snake-y trend in jewellery?
 This piece puts the statement in the term statement necklace.
 Lanvin LOVE!
 Rachel Zoe's neck is missing from the above photo.
 How gorg are these? Exactly what my ears are missing.
I couldn’t leave without buying something so I invested in this statement chain necklace. While it is no designer I would label it stunning and one of a kind.

If you fancy checking it out the fair is monthly and the next one is on November 11th at the Hammersmith Town Hall. Check it out here
See you there!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Stackable (desirable) Rings

I feel like I have to share these with you.
Unfortunately these do not belong to me… Unfair I know…they do in fact belong to my sister's fingers!

These pieces of jewellery bliss were hand made (yes HANDMADE from silver) by the up and coming New Zealand designer Rebecca Stickney.

Check out the gorgeous mix of textures from smooth edges to the rougher organic feel of silver clay.....gorg!!!!

Notice the Tempest inscription.... (my sister... ever the actress and theatre lover... picked the quote and the designer did the rest). 

A real personal touch. What would yours be?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Time to check out TOME

 Always on the look out Runway Girly has discovered the wondrous TOME.

This brand has some serious cache. Created by Ryan Lobo,  (former stylist at Pagesdigital) and Ramon Martin, (THE former Design Director at Derek Lam). FANTASTIC credentials.

TOME is all about a utilitarian style that is balance through its use of luxe fabrics and richness of tone. Think Celine with a hint of Chloe.

TOME is an attitude, a way of thinking/dressing. The TOME woman is confident to wear paired down tailored looks that whisper....rather than scream fashion.

LOVE this execution of minimalism, above.  The mix of crisp shirting with leather is the perfect balance of vixen... (dare I say fetishism, a nod to the black leather daytime looks of A/W'12 seen at Balmain, Alexander Wang and the usually girly Erdem)....and the demure. 

Functional fetishism?

Examples of a previous collection. 
Have to admire the demure tailoring here.
The practically backless first dress? Insanely brilliant. Spot the hint of lace to add femininity to an otherwise geometric gown. GENUIS GENUIS GENUIS 

(Source: &

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Who’s to say flatties aren’t glamorous?

 Penny Loafers + Glitter = IT SHOE OF THE SEASON

…& for work see below!

The anti bunion brigade to the rescue.

Thank you Mui Mui!