Monday, 24 May 2010

Runway Girly sat front row and felt at Home!

Location: V&A

Date: 21/05/2010

Occasion: Catwalk show

Designer: Osman Yousefzada

Three words: Effortless, minimalist, gravity-defying-skyscraper-clogs (not exactly a word in the dictionary…but hey its fashion!)

Love/Like/Loathe: LOVE

Notes: Shoes shoes shoes, so gorgeous!!!!! Gravity defying! How did the models avoid broken bones? A&E on standby.

Fabrics: Odd….. A variety of felt, synthetics and Primarni looking faux fur. But couldn’t resist the luxe silky whites, (fabric unknown.)

History: Do you remember his collaborated with Mango in 2008?

Stand out pieces: THE SHOES! WANT THEM ALL!!!!!

Saturday, 22 May 2010


When a girl is on Oxford Circus who can resist Topshop the flagship????

Looks: Underwear as outwear, Sheer-sheer-sheer

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Window shopping at Selfridges

The latest window displays for the shopping Mecca Selfridges is half art installation, half game. Each window represents a song; guess the songs correctly and win £500 worth of Selfridge vouchers.

First window: OOOH I just don’t know….they have signs which read SINGLE and they’re all LADIES. I’m stumped!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

(Images sourced from

Australia’s S/S 2010/11

The shows were fresh and fun with styles for everyone.

For the body con lovers there was Ksubi with its super tight, laser cut outfits.

For those missing the beloved Luella there was Kate Sylvester who showcased the most adorable outfits. Girls were sent don the runway in collars as necklaces, (she must have read my earlier blog!)

I think my favorite was Arnsdorf. The palette was muted and there were definite undertones of Chloe S/S’10. Everything looked like a modern classic. There was a young fun side though. Models came down the runway in diamond printed tops, dresses and skirts. It was almost a tribute to the late McQueen who was famous for his jeweled prints.

Detachable Collars?

(Original Image Source

On the Italian Vogue website I stumbled across a truly favoloso (Italian for fabulous, I think, probably wrong,) cover (see it here . It gave me such a brilliant idea, detachable collars. Instead of updating your ENTIRE wardrobe for each new season you simply buy and attach the latest collar. This instantly updates your look.

With the thanks to Photoshop & Abby Lee I have been able to put my inspired/strange idea into practice. Do you think it will catch on???

Hello & Welcome

My first year of my fashion related degree is coming to a close. With no assignments to vent my fashion fixation I have decided to start a blog.

Enjoy my fellow obsessive’s.