Thursday, 8 September 2011

It's "so much nicer in Nice".

Nice is undeniably the best location in the South of France. It offers EVERYTHING!!!!

Unlike its competition it doesn’t rely on tourists so anticipate a buzz all year.

Recommendations….hit the old town. Brimming with artists, galleries, clothes, jewels & FOOD! The closest thing Europe has to a souk.

Not everything is as it seems...check out the trompe d'oreil above....when is a window not a window?

I spent most of my childhood in the Middle East so always seek out the likes of Houmous, Tzaziki & Shich Taouk.

Stars & Stripes….suddenly felt patriotic??? No! Was inspired by D&G stars & just went from there.

Plus when in France follow the locals/stereotypes and hit the stripes.

Socca, far left. A local snack made of chickpeas. Drown it in black pepper. Delicious.

Not the most visually appealing....but a unique street food. A hit with the locals.

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