Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Galliano creates Dior’s Garden of Eden. Nothing too green about it, more a mass of colour.

(Source Fashiongonerogue)

What: Christian Dior Couture

Where: Musee de Rodin, Paris

When: 05/07/2010

Who: Everyone from Fashion experts Anna W to designer darlings like Blake Lively. Even style disasters such as Jared Leto sat front row, (why he was allowed in, let alone centre stage!)

WWIL (what was it like?): As one can expect from Mr Galliano a feast for the eyes & imagination. Uprooted models,(complete with plastic wrap, claustrophobia anyone?) strode down the runway in the lightest of fabrics, silks, tulle, organza, allowing the clothes to move as if in a breeze.

The collection focused on tulip silhouettes with strong print in a palette worthy of your flower bed, Iris purples, peonies pinks, freesias oranges and Dahlia blacks.

Verdict: Overall a gorgeous display of theatrical costumes that one can only admire. Wearable? Surprisingly for a Couture show YES. There were pieces, most memorable being the beige fungi dress, that could easily be introduced into your closet. The larger than life tulip tulle dresses on the other hand should remain on the runway unless you intend to enter next year’s Chelsea flower show!

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